El Terreno is a microcosm to be surprised. Half town, half city, half forest, half sea. El Terreno has a history, neighbors who have never moved from the neighborhood, other newcomers who will never move and a characteristic that makes it extremely special: the love of the neighborhood. Today, the faces that greet you from El Terreno share everything you need to live and enjoy the neighborhood like any other neighbor. Ready, Set, Go.


Jaime Martínez

El Terreno

Jaime Martínez has been a land owner for a lifetime and Meriendas Bestard, his business, is one of the oldest breakfast bars in the neighborhood and in the entire city. Their Mallorcan cheese, fish and sausage sandwiches have risen to the category of “classic” in Palma gastronomy, and their sobrasada, an attraction in itself. Since 1961, his hospitality wisdom has filled the bellies and hearts of many generations of neighbors. Everyone has been here. A must see.

Juan Peralta y Mauricio Obarrio


Juan Peralta and Mauricio Obarrio moved their home and business to El Terreno in mid-2021. From Contain, their lighting and furniture design studio, they create handcrafted, highly engineered pieces with natural materials such as brass, glass and wood. harsh. From their house, they enjoy the sun and the views of the castle and the Bellver forest. But what they like most about the neighborhood is the chicken at Nitos Restaurant: “The chicken there is delicious, because of the sauce. I'm lovin 'it. He has photos of the King in the shop, and when he comes to Palma he orders chicken there. I recommend ordering ¼ chicken with fries.

Paula Santos


Camper Product Manager Paula Santos moved to El Terreno in 2017 when a co-worker rented her apartment. She arrived by chance and fell in love with the neighborhood upon discovering that she had found the perfect place for her: «I live next to the center, but in a charming, genuine and authentic neighborhood». The stairs from which she poses remind her of some of her favorite cities in the world: San Francisco, Lisbon... They are beautiful views with the sea in the background.« Another must stop in the neighborhood.»

Sofia Harlin


In a small mansion in El Terreno built at the beginning of the 20th century, surrounded by palm and lemon trees, is the Swedish School. Professor Sofia Harlin works there and feels at home: «the atmosphere is very familiar, we have students of many nationalities, although most have some relationship with Sweden.» Sofia lives in Marivent, a neighborhood near El Terreno, and she loves walking and playing sports in the Bellver park.

Xavier Abraham

El Terreno

Xavier Abraham is an institution in El Terreno, his lifelong neighborhood. For years he was the President of the Neighborhood Association, leading numerous initiatives to improve the neighborhood. In 1994, he introduced the Picornell hairdresser, his old business, the sale of poetry books, turning it into the first bookstore-hairdresser on the island. His favorite place in the neighborhood is the old toy store Viva Palma «because of its uniqueness and the spirit of its owner.»

CAN PA bakery offers artisan bread made with organic ingredients, sweet and savory pastries, ice cream and chocolates made by the Esment Community. This institution, which has been involved in food and catering for more than 30 years, works for quality of life and equal opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Gomila has a new supermarket in the area which will also offer delivery service.

A meeting place in Gomila is Bellver, a pleasant coffee bar where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast and homemade meals made with local products.

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Quality, color and lots of flavor fill the dishes of Brutus restaurant. An establishment in the heart of Gomila where you can savor a variety of Mediterranean food.

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Fabio de Oliveira Silva


If Fabio de Oliveira Silva had not decided to move to El Terreno 13 years ago, we would never have had the atmosphere, tapas and fun that Bar Michel offers us every day, his business and one of the best bars in the neighborhood. “He is like a son to me. He gives a lot of work, but a lot of satisfaction. There is a great atmosphere, eclectic. Famous people come from abroad who have houses on the ground. Fabio is in love with the Bellver forest. It is very possible that when you do not find him at the Michel, you will see him jogging there.